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Spirituality is the relationship someone has with their source.

You might call it the universe, the divine, the supernatural, God, our collective soul, Mother Earth, spirit guides, it’s all the same thing.

In fact, spirituality is so subjective and personal that I hesitate to say more.

But just because it’s personal, doesn’t mean it has to be ignored.

None of America’s institutions — educational, medical, political or economic — foster the spiritual practice of the individual.

And this is a tragedy since the alignment with our source is how man evolves.

Ideas that fall from the sky, or visions we have in a dream, these are portals that humans require to expand consciousness and contribute meaningfully to the world.

The institution of government is designed to control us. If they encouraged spirituality, we all might wake up one day and realize we don’t need rulers! And that would be a huge problem for politicians….

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