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Financial Freedom

We all think of birds as free: You’re free as a bird!

The ability to just get up and fly away is desirable.

But I live in a city with a lot of birds, and although it seems they can get up and fly away, they usually stick with the group. So is the bird actually free, then?

In other words, birds and mammals (humans included) appear to be free from a distance. We can walk, eat, sleep, do whatever we want, whenever we want.

At least that’s how it looks.

But the reality is that us humans in America are given specific instructions on how to live:

  • Birth
  • Go to school to learn to socialize, play and obey
  • Graduate high school
  • Take out loans and go to college
  • Get a job
  • Start investing in the stock market through retirement accounts
  • Get married
  • Take out a 30-year mortgage and buy a home
  • Have kids
  • Get promoted
  • Take out loans to buy cars
  • Use credit cards to go on vacation
  • Keep investing into stock market through retirement accounts
  • When you reach 60 years, you will be rich and can retire and do whatever you want
  • Death

Many Americans feel ashamed for not having a college degree, or a single woman in her 30’s will face pressure to get married and have kids. And if you’re 50 years old and still renting, people assume you are poor!

This is insane.

The American Dream is a Debt Trap

I believe the government has an agenda to keep you in debt.¬†People in debt are easier to lure with financial incentives, and even though these incentives never materialize, they got your vote and that’s all that matters.

The best and only way to take back your power is to become financially free.

Humans are creative spirits with a deeply seated desire to express ourselves authentically.¬†The problem is no one has time to tap into their spiritual selves because they’re busy chasing the American Dream.

Financial Freedom Articles & Further Reading 

Once you open your eyes to the government’s agenda, you’ll never fall for their trap again.

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