What is a Basic Bitch?

(Urban Dictionary)

About Breaking Basic

I didn’t realize (until it was too late) that not everyone is familiar with the term basic.

To be basic is to be a sheep:

  • A basic places more value on the collective than the individual
  • They are risk-adverse and unlikely to take chances in life
  • Basics eschew common sense if it means acceptance to the group

Anyone can be basic, male or female.

(Just for laughs, you can watch this YouTube video that explains the condition: How to Tell If You’re a Basic Bitch).

Why I Started Breaking Basic

I don’t want to abolish pumpkin spice latte basic bitches.

Instead, my mission is to abolish political basic bitches.

Which is to say the people who have political opinions, go to protests, and appear to be well-informed.


Too many people in our country get emotional about politics and overlook the facts.

Enough is enough. Our liberty and freedom is at stake and people need to wake the fuck up.

Repeating headlines, learning about issues from Hollywood celebrities, and not able to hold an intelligent conversion about a topic…

…is basic as fuck.

The Evolution of Consciousness in America

The rise in politically uneducated Americans is an ironic contrast to our rise in spirituality.

Politics is all about playing to our emotions, in exchange for a vote, and disregarding the facts.

Spirituality is all about identifying the root of an emotion and separating that from what is factual.

More and more of us hold ourselves accountable, practice self-awareness, embrace the collective consciousness and choose to live life on our own terms.

Americans across the country have discovered the power within, embraced love, consciousness, the energy that connects us, and the freedom to be who we truly are. For that reason, it’s ironic these same Americans vote for bigger government. Every time.

The power and higher vibration for the future of mankind lies within the individual.

The flawed humans that comprise our government do not share your personal empowerment. Their policies, taxes and ever-expanding reach only want to control you.

Why would we support the expansion of a corrupt and incompetent institution?

What is Limited Government

So my mission to help Americans understand what the government is begins with the “woke” culture.

These are my people.

They are quick to reject the establishment, the pharmaceutical industry, corporate greed and out-of-control lobbying.

And yet, they are so suspicious of the government establishment that they vote Democrat.

Makes NO sense.

If you aren’t aware, the progressive and liberal movements support expanding government policy into every faction of our existence.

They do this by increasing taxes and redistributing that revenue however they see fit.

Less money in your pocket, more money in theirs.

And because they promise to spend the extra money on issues you care about, you believe them and cast your vote.

Let’s look at the data: Will giving the government more money improve the country?

This is the US Federal Budget:

What is a basic bitch

The answer is no.

The government is horrible at managing money. They are like a 19-year old college girl who loves shopping but doesn’t quite understand how her new credit works. Like, do I have to pay this back? Like, it’s totally not my money, right? 

In the government’s case, it actually isn’t their money. And so they don’t give a fuck.

  • The government spends more money than it makes
  • As a result, they have to borrow money to make ends meet
  • That borrowing costs them billions annually (on interest)
  • They will always prioritize military spending because the military industrial complex pays them millions
  • They spend so much on healthcare but very little of that goes towards our health. It mostly goes to insurance companies and Big Pharma

Every budget category is wrought with wasteful spending, mismanaged funds and pointless endeavors that don’t improve the lives of its citizens.

I have little respect and low expectations for our government’s budget advisers.

Democratic socialism sounds great in theory.

But in practice, the government will squander it all.

Individual Freedom is a Right

I founded Breaking Basic because I believe in freedom.

The moral responsibility of each and every one of us is to align with our soul and express its desires.

But government is not on our side.

Modern governments today deny you that freedom.

It’s not said out loud, but the writing is on the wall.

The answer to every single question lies within a government policy somewhere.

The government, along with industry groups, have created cultural paradigms which serve to shape our lives in ways that benefit them. Not us.

Us humans can take care of ourselves. We can shape our own lives.

The government can help defend our land and protect us from violent citizens….but beyond that?

I say this at a time when it’s cool to support the government providing everything in life from birth to death.

Have these supporters thought this through? Do they realize what they are giving up in exchange?

If they are so “woke,” how hasn’t an ayahuasca ceremoney, DMT trip or silent meditation shown them the light?

That we are born FREE and don’t need rulers!!

Breaking Basic’s mission is to form a coalition of Americans who are neither Democrat nor Republican, but reject the broken and outdated system altogether.

Care to join?

— Liz