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The Fastest Growing Religion in America

Last updated on January 2, 2021

people who get offended easily

I went to my 8-year old nephew’s baseball tournament last week and was happy because his team won (!) and each player got a trophy.

The funny thing is that one of the parents got confused and gave trophies to the losing team!

I was so embarrassed for her….

….until my sister told me it wasn’t a mistake.

The kids on the losing team, thanks to their parents, are told that losing a baseball game means you actually won the game and deserve a trophy.

They do this because they don’t want the kids to feel disappointed….


The Religion of I’m Offended

According to French sociologist Émile Durkheim, religion has three major functions in society:

  1. It provides social cohesion to maintain social solidarity through shared rituals and beliefs
  2. It offers social control to enforce morals and norms to maintain conformity
  3. And lastly, it offers meaning and purpose to answer existential questions

Using this definition, my nephew’s baseball game was religious.

Think about it: The entire group of kids and parents pretended that losing is the same as winning (social cohesion). They agreed to this on the basis of doing what is “right” (enforce morals). Lastly, their behavior discourages facts: Why must winning mean the most points? Why can’t it mean participation? (existential questions).

Over the next few days, as I thought about the baseball game, I realized the parents must be part of the religious organization, I’m Offended.

I couldn’t find the exact date of I’m Offended’s inception, but it has rose in popularity over the last decade and attracts members from every corner of society. The church’s core mission is to: Pick a label (any label), look for signs of offense and expose the offense publicly to incite outrage from others.

My sister opted out. She makes sure my nephew accepts losing and then she teaches him to embrace the full range of emotions — hurt, angry, sad, disappointed — that he feels as a result.

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Behind Closed Doors, No One Cares

Members of I’m Offended can be described as:

  • male
  • female
  • conservative
  • gay
  • black
  • vegan
  • vegetarian
  • Hispanic
  • trans
  • progressive
  • Femme
  • fat

Instead of identifying as human, I’m Offended members are encouraged to identify as their chosen label.

For example, let’s say a woman is asked her gender at the DMV and the only choices are male or female. According to the religion, she should be offended that her chosen label (binary) is not listed.

Seventeen, a popular teen magazine, explains to non-I’m Offended members why a woman must never be assumed to be a woman. One interviewee even says she considers this to be a form of violence:

The problem in I’m Offended’s mission is that being offended doesn’t change human behavior or perception, it just expands what is politically correct. And all political correctness does is temporarily silence people when they are around members of I’m Offended.

For example, it is not politically correct to say something is “gay” or “retarded.” People still say this, but not in front of members of the church.

The parents at my nephew’s baseball game want to shield their kids from feeling pain. In doing so, they also prevent the kid from learning how to cope with failure. At least one of those kids will grow up, get fired from a job, and never recover. He’ll spiral into a depression, move back in with his mom and wonder why he’s so fucked up.

But hey, at least his feelings didn’t get hurt when he was 8.

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When Labels Distort Reality

I didn’t learn how to listen to spirit guides, create a budget, or deal with my emotions in school, despite those being valuable lessons. And unfortunately for kids today, things have only gotten worse, especially in regards to emotional development:

The Fastest Growing Religion in America

A Minnesota school district banned two classic novels, To Kill a Mockingbird and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, from its required reading list because the books contain racial slurs.

This is insane.

Instead of teaching kids that good people, from different eras, used language that is not appropriate today — the schools want to pretend like that era in history never existed. They want to prevent students from feeling sad, angry or hurt (over the racial slur) and then deny them the lesson of how to reconcile feelings.

We’ve also seen the alteration of reality in sports. A woman may train her whole life for a sport, only to be told by the church of I’m Offended that she must pretend the male she is competing against is a female.


So not only are we re-writing history so no child is offended by the past, but we must also act like there are no biological differences between males and females.

Members of I’m Offended have no interest in reality, all they want to do is avoid it.

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Religion and Politics Don’t Mix

The concern with shielding people from reality is that it stunts them intellectually. For example, what if I told you there is a mountain of evidence that proves 9/11 was an inside job?

How would you feel?

If you grew up in the church of I’m Offended, you might not be able to cope with your feelings and you’d tell me to shut up immediately. But if you were taught to be emotionally flexible, you would feel an initial shock of pain but eventually process those feelings and ask for more information.

The ability to process and reconcile feelings in order to freely exchange facts and ideas is paramount in politics. Unfortunately, the church of I’m Offended has reduced policy conversations down to name-calling.

He’s mean! No, he’s mean! He’s a rapist! No, he’s a rapist! She’s racist! No, she’s a racist! 

There are 330 million people in America. If you cling too tight to the label of Democrat, and you can’t acknowledge one of Trump’s achievements, then you contribute nothing to society.

If you cling too tight to the label of Republican, that you can’t accept George W. Bush lied to the public in order to fund a regime-change war in Iraq, then you contribute nothing to society.

We can’t ever have constructive conversations if our emotions and labels control us.

But more importantly, we can’t hold government accountable if we the people can’t agree on the facts. For instance, everyone knows that private health insurance, hospital pricing and drug research programs are cesspools for corruption and our politicians are doing nothing to stop it. The public is incapable of demanding action from these crooked congressmen because we are too busy fighting each other over race, labels and gender.

To be clear, the church of I’m Offended rose to prominence to distract us. It’s time to wake up.

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Being offended all the time does not earn you respect and it’s time to let go. Part of spiritual healing is accepting that life’s challenges are opportunities for growth. When you face an uncomfortable reality, acknowledge your feelings and feel them instead of running away or seeking protection. The goal is to become mentally and emotionally flexible, so you can roll with the punches, develop a thick skin and have the confidence to go after your dreams.

I sincerely beg the reader to let go of labels, especially political ones. The divisions in America are not over race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or lifestyle — the division is between the people (you and me) and the global elite.

Whoever you think is really in charge (Deep State, Trump, Soros, etc.), they have successfully diverted our attention away from our biggest problems. If you’re falling for these diversions, then you’re making the problems worse, not better.

Live life on a higher vibration. After all, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent (Eleanor Roosevelt) 

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