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Where Liberals Are Wrong

Last updated on January 2, 2021

Why Are Liberals So Stupid?

I consider myself a liberal.

I support gay marriage, women’s choice, the legalization of drugs, an end to all wars, racial equality and so many other liberal platforms.

That said, I’m a liberal who would never vote Democrat. Don’t worry, I don’t vote Republican either. Both parties represent statism, which similar to communism and socialism, believes that the individual must shrink in order for the state to grow.

No thank you.

Besides, this wasn’t the plan for America. Our Founding Fathers never meant for us to depend on a central authority for everything. And in a country as big as America, this clearly isn’t working.

Is it too late to start over?

Never Believe a Politician

As you know, the government collects money from the people to redistribute to other people. If a person (such as myself) questions the effectiveness of our government redistributing money — they are called a racist who hates poor people.


The government admits it is bad at managing money. One look at the budget deficit confirms they are right. We should be asking why every government program every year needs more money than the year before. We should be asking why so much of our money goes to the military and why healthcare gets worse every year as the federal budget grows larger.

Neither Democrats nor Republicans are asking these questions because their information sources don’t ask these questions. Americans are so out of touch with “journalism” that they think major media outlets — CNN, MSNBC, FOX, CBS, etc. — are reporting the news.

In reality, mainstream media is a propaganda machine for the government and would never be allowed to question the political system itself. To prevent us from having these conversations, they get Americans riled up about the people who run it. So dumb.

Think about it. The government has an annual budget of $4 trillion but not enough to help the homeless? In 2020, they managed to print another $3 trillion out of thin air but can’t cancel student debt?

Thankfully, we have people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who hold the corrupt system accountable:

why are liberals stupid

The point I want to make here is that giving more money to the government does not result in a better redistribution of funds.

Politicians say they’ll spend money on whatever gets them the vote. Then, once they’re in Congress they can’t follow through because budgets are earmarked years in advance.

Lots of liberals I know are smart, educated people. But for whatever reason, they don’t support overthrowing the system. They genuinely believe that if we can just get this person into office, or that person, things will get better. they won’t. Wake up.

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The Case for Limited Government

Up until World War II, hospitals, universities, homeless shelters, soup kitchens and orphanages were privately managed by religious organizations and charities. 

However, once the federal income tax was passed (illegally, by the way), Americans’ paychecks got smaller and they donated less to churches and charities. As a result, these private organizations had no choice but to shut down their operations. The government’s promise to replace them never materialized.

For reasons like this, I’m a liberal who supports limited government. Teeny tiny government.

Limited government means collecting fewer taxes with the understanding the government will provide fewer public services. This is an alternative to the government collecting more in taxes, in hopes of public services.

Americans today pay ~30% of their income in taxes. Then sales tax. And property tax. Then estate tax. License fees, road tolls, gift tax, excise tax and all the other taxes.

In your opinion, have our taxes been redistributed in ways that positively impact your life? Healthcare? Police training? Education? Social Security? Reliable roads and bridges? The DMV?

Centralized politics is not effective. I believe that local communities, through private funding, would do a superior job at providing necessary mental health services for the homeless, criminal justice reform tailored to their city, and other social services.

No politician, Republican or Democrat, would promote limiting the role of government. After all, why would a career politician fight in to get rid of his job?

green investing

Remember, I don’t care what a politician thinks about legalizing weed. If I want to grow a plant and smoke it, how is that the government’s business?

My problem with liberals who vote Democrat is they are voting to expand the role of government. By virtue of doing this, politicians who want to ban gay marriage, for example, are given the power to actually do that!

It is crazy to support a socialist, giant government and then complain when that government has opinions on how to live your life.

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Are Liberals Bad at Finance?

Many Americans have been told that what is good for the nation is good for the individual. Not true. For example, the government tells us that printing trillions of dollars to keep interest rates artificially low is good for the economy. People will buy homes, cars and go shopping! 

Translation: The government wants you to go into debt and buy things you don’t need.

To me, financial freedom is the key to actual freedom. Money gives us options in life and space to think creatively, align with our hearts and express our authentic passions. A large, powerful government has a different agenda because they know that people who are financially independent can’t be controlled.

For this reason, the government creates programs that put Americans on the brink of poverty but are disguised to bring them prosperity:

Student Loans  People don’t realize that the government caused today’s heartbreaking student loan crisis

The 30-Year Mortgage We are the only country to take on 30 years of debt just to buy a home. And yes, this was a government program.

Retirement Accounts They make tax-sheltered retirement accounts sound like such a good deal. They usually aren’t.

Democrats or liberals who want to expand the role of government, may not understand how money works. If they did, I have a hard time believing they’d want this system to grow even bigger. This is an excellent 30-minute summary:

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Government Wants to Think for You

As mentioned, statism, communism and socialism need to reduce the status of the individual in order for the system to work. They want to oversee and control his finances, occupation, security,  future, and disturbingly, his thoughts. 

The end result is a disempowered individual:

  • Stagnant wages
  • Student loan debt
  • Under-Employment
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Broken families
  • Rising crime
  • Political disillusionment/detachment
  • Increase in poverty
  • Social isolation
  • Addiction to entertainment and the social media (as a means of escape from an unpleasant reality)

A nation of empowered individuals is prosperous, engaged, and emotionally healthy. A nation of disempowered individuals is a sick nation, speeding toward decline.

Are you awake yet?

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What Liberals Get Wrong. 

One of my best friends lives in Singapore and supports socialism because where she lives, the government collects very little in taxes and delivers high quality services in return. But America is nothing like Singapore.

America is massive. We have 330 million people. The dollar is the world’s currency reserve. We were founded on principles that protect the individual’s right to freedom and prosperity. When bad seeds rose to power, they manipulated the Constitution and we’ve been suffering the consequences ever since.

Our financial systems, healthcare and quality of education are just a few examples of how American politicians have destroyed our right to freedom and prosperity.

How does one have prosperity if they attend a public school where teachers quit every semester, there are no resources and the drop-out rate is 70%? Hmm?

How does one have a right to prosperity if the federal government loans them $100,000 so they can study art at age 18? That child was just imprisoned for life.

How does one have prosperity when they get a medical bill for $20,000 because the ambulance took them to a hospital out of network?

Centralized power sucks. The solution is NOT to feed the monster. When they can print trillions of dollars out of thin air, don’t be foolish enough to think this candidate or that one will fix our problems.

Until the system is burned to the ground, and we start over by following the Constitution, America is fucked.


  1. Will M Will M April 17, 2020

    Let me just preface this by saying that I stumbled upon this article by accident and have never heard of this blog before. Whilst reading the first few paragraphs, just one thought manifested itself in my brain: ‘This must have been written by a tenth-grader.’ The assumptions and claims were just being thrown around so carelessly and the views expressed in the article seemed so idiotically simplistic for the writer to be over 16 years of age. But to my shock, when the article finally came to an end, I stared into the face of what could only be a pedophile in his creepiest years, judging by the looks. I am deeply disappointed that people like you have access to the internet, dear writer.

    • Elizabeth Elizabeth April 29, 2020

      Hey Will!
      Thanks so much for leaving a comment. Would love to hear more from you. I have a lot to learn and never meant to throw around assumptions or claims. Is there any way you could elaborate?

    • Ben F Ben F May 5, 2020

      Dear Communist,

      Apparently you have never read a book. Or gone to an advanced school of thought. You should watch the Movie Idiocracy. You remind me of that!

  2. Tamy B Tamy B July 11, 2020

    Well, unlike the other two commentators, I thought your writing was very easy to understand and SPOT ON. The other two must be liberals. 😬 Thank you for taking the time to put pen to paper for us. I for one appreciate the effort. Keep it up!

  3. JR Barnett JR Barnett July 11, 2020

    Well, unlike the other two commentators, I thought your writing was very easy to understand and SPOT ON. The other two must be liberals. 😬 Thank you for taking the time to put pen to paper for us. I for one appreciate the effort. Keep it up!

  4. Get Real or Get Wrekt Get Real or Get Wrekt July 20, 2020

    “A pedophile”?
    Nothing in this article talks about the glories of molesting children. The first comment on this article is written by someone who probably also screams the word “racist” and other false accusations in order to try to discredit someone.

    What kind of commentator is stupid enough to compare calling liberals stupid with “pedophilia?”
    Probably a Joe Biden supporter.

    Everything in this article is spot on.

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