Why Spiritual Healing Matters

The health and happiness of those around you is essential to the healing and evolution of the world. Here’s why.

I have a friend — let’s call her Natalie — who’s in a constant state of pain.

What causes this pain?


It’s always the same. His name might be Dave, Mike, Jerry, Jordan, Ken or Eric. Natalie meets him and there’s a mutual attraction. They flirt and exchange numbers. Then they go on a date or two, and sometimes they have sex.

Natalie is over the moon. SHE’S LOVED! She spends all her waking hours daydreaming about their future life together.

And then…

Cracks start to show. He takes longer to respond to her texts, he doesn’t seem as into her as she is into him…he’s turned off by her intensity (probably reading it as desperation).

She fumes. And broods. She cries and texts and calls anyone and everyone, including him, about this heartbreaking situation. They were meant to be together forever!

He stops responding. It’s over.

Except it’s not over for Natalie. For weeks, months, sometimes years, she agonizes over the breakup. The breakup of a relationship that never existed.

On a subconscious level, Natalie sees the pattern and wants it to stop. However, also subconsciously, she knows the alternative is a much harder task…

She has to spiritually heal herself.

What Is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual healing is the identification and resolution of the spiritual root cause of a problem. If being a hopeless romantic is the literal root cause of Natalie’s problem, then her “work” is to identify the spiritual root cause and commit to healing it.

Men have nothing to do with Natalie’s suffering. The spiritual root of Natalie’s pain is a lack of self-worth.

Natalie has a calling in life. She is one of the lucky ones that knows her purpose for being born. The only problem is she’s not sure she can pull it off. To distract herself from uncovering why she feels this way, she fills her time and head with men drama.

The brutal repetition of Natalie’s dating woes will never cease until she confronts her lack of self-worth, figures out where it stems from, and heals that trauma.

In the meantime, she’s probably at home right now texting some guy who isn’t interested instead of fulfilling her life’s purpose.

Are You Spiritually Healed?

A lot of people believe their personal battles are just that: personal and nobody’s business but their own.

I have news for you.

Everyone and everything is connected.

When you don’t heal, I suffer. Your family suffers. Your neighbors suffer. And yes, the world suffers.

My friend Natalie is robbing the world of her gift (her mission in life) because she chooses not to heal.

What are you robbing us of?

Why Spiritual Healing Matters

Chelsea Handler wrote a book called Life Will be the Death of Me. In it she talks about her irrational, destructive and obsessive hatred of Donald Trump.

I saw people explode with rage after Trump won. Scary rage.

How many of these folks do you think knew why they were angry? It obviously wasn’t Donald Trump, he is just a rich guy who won an election fair and square. Were they angry at Republicans? At Democrats? Maybe they were they angry at our political system?

In Chelsea’s case, she realized through lots and lots of therapy that she was angry because her brother died when she was 9 years old.

Chelsea never grieved her brother and never emotionally matured beyond the age of 9. She was successful and rich and famous, but was also unaware of herself and in constant pain. The pain hurt and eventually made her angry but she never really knew why she was angry.

Spiritual healing matters because ever since Ms. Handler discovered the source of her anger, she is less angry. As a spiritually healed person, she discovered her purpose in the world and quit comedy to pursue it.

Becoming spiritually healed allows a person to finally see the world beyond themselves and engage and contribute accordingly.

The Humans of Society

Below are three social constructs that we forget are made up of other flawed humans just like ourselves.


Like with Chelsea and (probably) Natalie, much of the healing required will stem from wounds incurred in childhood. When a parent is not spiritually healed, they (unconsciously) instill pain in a child who then spends a lifetime trying to heal. If that child is not healed by the time they have children of their own, they unconsciously instill pain in their own children. Thus, the pattern continues.


Corporations are the web that bind people and nations around the world. A corporation on its own does not exist; it’s just a legal arrangement and a word. What does exist are the humans working within a corporation. Just like with a family, if the people running a corporation are not spiritually healed, the business they oversee will remain unconscious, instilling harm and pain onto others. At the same time, there are thousands of businesses (capitalism) that are run by conscious people whose mission in life is to help others.


Same with the government. Government is an agreement between humans on how a collection of humans should be managed. The rules are created and enforced by humans, which is where the problem comes in. There’s no requirement to be spiritually healed before being allowed to work for the government. Therefore, the government, just like a corporation, is riddled with greed, crime and corruption. It’s worth considering smaller government as superior to bigger government because this decreases the chances of a few bad people affecting the lives of millions.

Steps to Consider

  1. Commit to Healing Yourself. This requires you to be honest with yourself, your relationships, your past, your motives, your authentic desires and your fears. Your life is your responsibility, and you are here to live out your soul’s purpose. Before looking externally, it is best to stand tall on your own feet, understand your pain or trauma, assess your wounds and consciously choose forgiveness and love.
  2. Support the Healing of Others. It could be your spouse, partner, children, friends, family, etc. As you become more self-aware, it will become clear where your loved ones are on their spiritual journeys. As gently as possible, be there for those you love, practice love and forgiveness, and check in on how you might support them.
  3. Be Conscious of Money. Love and forgiveness is everything. The reality is, so is money. Money is a powerful energy that many of us have been conditioned to pretend doesn’t exist. How aware are you of this energy? How much of this energy do you have? Where is this energy going? Is money controlling your life or are you controlling your money? Is how you spend and earn money aligned with your soul and vision for the world?
  4. Re-frame How you View the Government. The government is made up of flawed humans on their own individual spiritual journeys. We sometimes look to the government to solve our personal problems or take a moral stand on something we care about. A more peaceful society is one in which we don’t have a ruling class, but instead each of us practice our own radical self-reliance.
  5. YOU are the Solution. As a spiritually healed person, you no longer see the world as “you vs. them.” You are them! We are them. And we all need each other. Is there some type of injustice or social issue occurring in your neighborhood, company or school district? With empathy and compassion — pave the way to a solution. There is purpose on a bigger stage waiting for you.

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