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What is Individual Freedom?

Last updated on August 30, 2020

What is Individual Freedom?

Ask someone in a first world country: What Is Individual Freedom?

They will scratch their head, think for a minute, and say something like:

Individual freedom is going where I want to go, and doing what I want to do, as long as I don’t hurt anyone. 

Sort of…

It’s actually a bit more serious than that. Individual freedom is inherent to the human experience. When a person learns this in their body, they will be unstoppable. They will develop an instinct that detects when this freedom is being threatened and the propaganda designed to control them will no longer work.

Individual freedom is TRUTH.

Individual Freedom is Your Inner Free Spirit

We aren’t born with knowledge. When our brain encounters stimuli in the external world, it forms what we perceive as reality and that is where we acquire knowledge.

But how do I know that my reality is the same as your reality?

All we have to do is look at babies. They are blank slates yet no matter where they are born in the world, they interact with “reality” the same way. For example, they cry when they want food or water. They explore, study and play. When physically capable, they defend themselves from harm. They express feelings of pain and discomfort. When a baby learns to talk, it shares ambitions, emotional needs and desires.

I mention reality because a person’s individual freedom can be measured by how much they need or what they desire. For instance, someone in North Korea might need food, water and shelter but without individual freedom, they may not have a single desire.

Compare a person in North Korea to someone born in the United States.

Both people experienced the exact same reality as babies, but through human control and manipulation, one grew up dreaming of his desires for the future, while the other one wouldn’t even know how to do that.

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Individual Freedom and the Consent to be Governed

However, what a person doesn’t desire and doesn’t need is also correlated with individual freedom. This introduces the concept of consent. To illustrate content: A person must give consent before another person can come into their home.

But this is also consent: A person in an abusive relationship allows the abuse (gives consent) by not leaving the relationship.

Is this consent? A man buys a plot of land, builds a home and lives in the woods. One day a group of men break into his home and arrest him because the man did not paid them for the right to build his home.

The point I’m trying to make is that consent is the foundation of a healthy relationship. Whether that’s between two lovers or a government and citizen. The people of North Korea have not given their consent because they have been dehumanized to the point they don’t recognize consent as a concept.

In America, by contrast, we were founded on a mutual consent between government and citizens, with the citizen’s individual freedom to be protected and held in the highest regard.

But the concept of consent is even getting lost here. Similar to someone in an abusive relationship, many Americans have forgotten they didn’t give consent to give up our individual freedoms, despite the excuses coming from our rulers.

We are born free, we are free, but cultural paradigms that benefit our rulers, and insane measures designed “for our safety” have forced us to give up that freedom.

And when the ruling elite get a little bit of power, they spend the rest of their lives craving more.

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What is Individual Freedom? The First Amendment. 

The best way to push back their agenda is through communication and as mentioned, our Founding Fathers took this very seriously.

Every human experience manifests itself by expressing our existence to others. The Founding Fathers wrote the First Amendment as a physical, enduring record of that truth. They 100% understood individual freedom as a human right. James Adams, the author of the First Amendment, hoped that a formal document that defended the freedom of speech would prevent malicious minds from using language to deceive humans into slavery.

How would you say this is going?

The problem with the First Amendment is it just some words on a piece of paper. It’s only important if people think it is important. Any administration could decide the First Amendment is worthless, or say it is outdated, and therefore meaningless.

In fact, this is happening all over the world. Governments that once claimed to recognize freedom of speech as imperative to individual freedom have ultimately decided it’s not important.

The First Amendment is not important because it’s written down. The First Amendment was written down because what it says about individual freedom is important. If a human expresses its needs and desires, and that expression is confirmation of his existence, what does the world look like if we can’t express ourselves?

Would we still be human?

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Individual Freedom is Denied Under Socialism

At our core, humans breath, express and create. And we trade. Children learn about trade from a young age. We see mom pay for groceries, we see sister earn money babysitting, and we see dad go to work.

A couple weeks ago my nephew made me a comic book. I loved it and gave him a hug. Then I realized that my nephew is almost ten years old and put a ton of work into that book. Why not actually pay him? So I gave him five bucks. The money validated his work and he felt a huge surge of pride (his blushing cheeks gave him away).

A socialist might look at this transfer and exclaim, Yes! This is exactly how socialism works! An even exchange of goods!

Think again.

Let’s say my nephew grows up to be an author. He sells lots of books for $5 each. One day the government says he’s reached his maximum “earnings.” He is free to continue publishing books but he may no longer accept payment for his work. Is that still an even exchange of goods?

The problem with socialism, and most forms of government, is that it’s based on weakening the natural human exchange of value that come from our most basic expression of freedom: our creativity.

Human creativity must be allowed to thrive if we want the human species to survive. This usually means humans are rewarded for their creative ideas, because if not, they might not put in the time. Socialism fails because it deprives humans of their creativity.

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What is Individual Freedom? 

I wrote this article in an effort to course-correct the direction America is going.  I have a smart friend who supports socialism, just like many others in my generation.

The problem with their idealism is that humans are flawed. A perfect system under socialism will never exist because the humans running that system will fall to the temptations of greed and power — like all humans do. It’s human nature.

The sooner people understand what individual freedom is, how our free speech extends from that, and how our freedom of economic exchange blooms outward from our individual freedom, the sooner mankind will see prosperity at levels currently unfathomable, and will see the end of a long fought war in sight.

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