How to Connect with Spirit Guides

Spirit guides show us the way to align with our soul. They affirm our path and help us heal. Are you listening?

How many times have you had a feeling about something but suppressed the feeling only to learn later it was right? 

As you probably know, this experience is your intuition communicating with you. 

Your intuition serves as the “voice” for your spirit guides. 

But wait, I’m jumping the gun here.

Let’s take a step back to cover the basics.

What Are Spirit Guides?

Spirit guides are divine beings made up of love and light; spirit guides are energy. 

They operate on a higher vibration than the physical world, and are invisible to the human eye. 

Everyone has a spirit guide (or multiple guides) that will come and go throughout our lifetime, depending on the circumstances.

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What Do Spirit Guides Do?

Spirit guides exist to guide you towards meaning and significance.

They want you to spiritually heal and fulfill the purpose that was established before you were born. 

Keep in mind that spirit guides do not interfere with your life, no matter how challenging or difficult it may become. 

It is often the case that life’s challenges were the intention of your spirit guide. Overcoming hardships is what matures and develops us as humans, and a spirit guide may think you need to grow before it reveals to you your purpose. 

For example, someone might say, If my spirit guide was real, then I wouldn’t have lost my job. 

We can empathize with their feelings, but if the job obstructed a divine path they are meant to go down, then losing the job was necessary for the spirit guide to fulfill its mission. 

Interpreting Messages from Spirit Guides

Since spirit guides are energy, they do not communicate with us verbally.

In fact, they primarily communicate with us through our intuition. Intuition is when you know something without having any evidence. 

For example, I was once in denial (for years) about how I felt romantically towards someone. Since my denial was reaching a head in our friendship, the person suggested we stop seeing each other.

My entire body froze. And then jolted. Every muscle in my body was flexed and frozen at the same time.

Believe it or not, this physical reaction was my spirit guides talking to me. They wanted me to embrace my feelings and not let the man go. So I listened and he is my partner today and who I was looking for all along.

Other common spirit guide communication methods:

  • Seeing consecutive numbers, or the same number over and over
  • Observing patterns and synchronicity around you 
  • Hearing your name, but nobody is around
  • Feeling the sudden urge to write
  • Seeing orbs or bright lights, glistening vibrant colors

Listen to how your heart feels, your chest. Notice the feelings you have around certain people, or certain situations. Anxiety, sadness, headaches, chills, stomach in a knot, butterflies, nerves, warmth, thrill, etc. Every one of these physical reactions contains a message about the moment in which you experience it. 

Acknowledge the existence of spirit guides and listen to what they are telling you. 

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What Do Spirit Guides Do?

Connecting with spirit guides and embracing their knowledge will increase your quality of life.

This is because spirit guides indirectly make you an optimistic and positive person. 

How so?

The explanation is similar to a religious person always feeling at peace because Jesus, God, Allah or Brahma is with them. When we trust the higher dimension, no matter the label, we are overcome with calmness.

Whatever hardship you’re going through, knowing that the experience is part of a bigger plan will bring you inner peace. And once you’ve achieved inner peace, the world suddenly becomes a beautiful and loving place.

Other reasons to invite and accept spirit guides into your life:

  1. Less anxiety when it comes to decision making 
  2. You will operate on a higher vibration
  3. You will trust that you matter and are on the path towards your destiny
  4. Energy channels will be cleared to attract what we desire from life 
  5. Accepting your spirit guides is the first step in your spiritual development

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s take the conversation one step further.

Spirit Guides Help You Find Your Soul

It is every human’s objective in life to connect with their soul and express its passions.

Humans share a collective soul and within each of us is a fragment of the whole.

If your soul longs to paint, run, raise children, write, start companies, fight poverty, or teach — it is your duty to the collective soul to express that desire.

It sounds extreme, but it is immoral to neglect your authentic passions. What your soul desires is what you are meant to offer the rest of the world as your gift.

Did you know that Hitler dreamt of becoming a painter?

Due to external pressures and self-doubt, he never became a painter and made the rest of us suffer for the extreme disappointment he felt within himself.

In America, our culture does not nurture the individual’s exploration to align with its soul. We are supposed to chase the American Dream, which have been taught to us through cultural paradigms.

The end result is sad, busy, frustrated, stressed and confused humans. So can you deprogram yourself? Let’s look at an example:

Karen, 41 years old

  • Is a proud liberal who proudly hates the old, white Christian Republicans
  • She stays informed politically and believes in inclusion, such as open borders 
  • Is a supporter of recognizing and acknowledging people by their preferred genders (trans, non-binary, agender, pangender, genderqueer, etc.)
  • Believes the government should tax the wealthy at a higher rate to support the poor
  • Teaches her kids the importance of labels — black, white, rich, gay, straight, female, etc. — and to always respect them

 Lilly, 41 years old

  • Stays clear of politics
  • Thinks the government (both parties) is comprised of flawed humans, just like her, and should be as small as possible
  • Maintains a logical, not emotional, view. For example, common sense dictates open borders would be a logistics nightmare
  • Is black but doesn’t feel that is her identity
  • Realizes the gender movement is probably just people seeking to validate themselves
  • Teaches her kids that who they truly are comes from within, not from labels
  • Fiercely believes in the power of the individual to overcome hardships and create the life they desire

Karen lives in a “Us vs. Them” world. 

Lilly lives in her own world. 

To learn from your spirit guides, it’s important you align with your soul. Aligning with your soul may require you to exist outside the collective and resist societal pressure to act or think a certain way.

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How to Talk to Your Spirit Guide

The first step to inviting spirit guides into your life is to be open to them.

Maintain an open mind, open arms and most importantly, an open heart. 

Need more concrete steps? See below.

Release Expectations

Once I released the expectations I had of my spirit guides, the faster I felt their presence.

Continue On Your Spiritual Journey

Don’t be discouraged if you never make contact. Your spirit guides have their own divine timing and you must trust that their appearance, or lack of appearance, is part of the bigger plan for your soul. 

Listen To Your Intuition

As previously mentioned, your intuition is voice for spirit guides. If there’s one thing you can do to form a stronger connection with them, it’s paying close attention to your gut.


Through meditation, call on your guides to make an appearance. Ask them if they have messages to share with you, if they can present themselves through a vibrant color or to place images or objects into your conscious. 


You have a team of spirit guides waiting to connect with you. They are entirely loving and light energies, who want to help and assist us throughout this journey.

The sooner each of us embraces our spiritual guides and the importance of aligning with our souls to express ourselves authentically, the sooner our shared human soul will heal. 

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