What is Anarcho Capitalism?

“Anarchy, meet Capitalism”. Combining these two ideologies makes a ton of sense. A girl can dream, right?

Until recently, I had never heard of anarcho capitalism. 

Weren’t anarchists aimless young men who wore all black and moshed at Rage Against the Machine concerts and started riots just for the fun of it? 

Turns out that’s not the case. 

In 2018 I was at Burning Man visiting a camp called Decentral. As the name suggests, they hosted speakers and panel discussions about all things related to decentralization. I was laying spread eagle on the ground in my bathing suit with a wet towel over my face waiting for a speaker to start. This is Burning Man, where it’s 1,000 degrees and no one bats an eye at anything. 


An obviously unprepared, and somewhat flustered-looking speaker takes the stage. He starts rambling about an “off the grid” community in Mexico, why the Fed is corrupt, how American politics is a distraction to keep us fighting with one other, and why everyone should buy crypto.

He definitely caught my attention.  

I learned his name is Jeff Berwick and he is a famous bitcoin investor who founded The Dollar Vigilante. He mentioned anarcho capitalism in his speech, and when I looked him up later, I found he’s a central figure in the movement and even hosts an annual conference called Anarchopulco (that I went to in 2019). 

Being Conscious Means Politically, Too

Anarcho capitalism is a political ideology. A political ideology is how society should be structured (between the law, government, business, police, media, etc.)

We forget that how we organize ourselves — on a global, country, state or local level — can be reviewed, evaluated, and adjusted, just like any good marketing plan or business model. 

And let’s face it: America has hit a wall. Isn’t it time to modify yet?

Most people I talk to agree that DC is broken. We don’t trust politicians, we don’t like how our tax money is being spent, bribery is rampant… the list goes on. 

The biggest issues in Washington are not partisan; they are systemic.

America is a young country and it’s too early for us to give up and accept this shitty status quo. Before getting to what anarcho capitalism is, here are other ideologies to put things in perspective: 

AnarchismIndividuals control themselves, there is no state. 
SocialismIndividuals give their wages to the state who oversee its redistribution. 
CommunismIndividuals give up their rights and the state provides their basic needs. 
DemocracyIndividuals elect other individuals to represent them in the state.
Facism Individuals are ruled by a single person.
CorporatismIndividuals are controlled by large interest groups. 
PopulismIndividuals are controlled by “elite” individuals who influence the state in their favor. 
CapitalismA society where private industry and trade is owned by individuals, not the state, but is regulated by the state.

Which one do you think represents America?

If you guessed democracy then you’re wrong. To say the United States is a democratic society is only repeating what you’ve been told we are, instead of looking around with your own eyes.

The United States is corporatist, not democratic.

Our elected officials are sell-outs. The guys that run DC are not politicians, but corporate interest groups and their powerful lobbying teams. Why do we tolerate this still? 

What is Anarcho Capitalism?

Anarcho capitalism means there is no state (anarchy) and private companies provide all the services needed by society (capitalism). The companies are regulated only by the free market. Individuals abide by a natural law called the “non-aggression principle.”

Anarcho Capitalism Principles

Below are just a few of the core beliefs central to anarcho capitalism:

  • Capitalism produces quality

Private companies create better products and services than the government. Whether it’s voting, IRS or post office, construction, or nutritional advice, the government fails at product execution. Imagine if Amazon overtook the DMV. Or what if Silicon Valley was allowed to revamp the process foreigners go through when applying for citizenship? Do you think the guys at Stripe or Venmo could come up with a better way for welfare recipients to collect their checks? Um, yes. 

  • Capitalism is efficient. 

A private enterprise will fail if their product sucks (people won’t buy it). The problem, however, is that government prevents free markets to regulate shitty products or services. In New York City, for example, yellow cabs are still around only because the government is protecting them. Yellow cab drivers are the worst; all they do is ride around empty adding to NYC’s traffic problem. If government weren’t around, yellow cabs would die and Uber, Lyft, Juno, Via, etc. would dominate the market. 

  • Private enterprises do not deserve special treatment.

When a private company screws up, they will fail because they won’t have a government to bail them out. Did we as the citizens approve of spending our taxes to bail out all these companies to the tune of trillions?  

  • Government intervention is harmful.

The Fed is a form of government intervention that prevents the markets from regulating themselves. As a result of QE, income inequality is out of control in the US (as it turns out, printing money doesn’t benefit everyone). As long as the rich are happy, however, the government won’t have a reason to change policy, and things will stay the same. 

  • Taxation is theft. 

The government forces us to give them our money which they’ll spend in ways we don’t support. For example, we might want healthcare and police, but what if we don’t want war? It’s crazy that the state will put a person behind bars and take away their liberty for not paying taxes, when he has 

  • Non-Aggression Principle (NAP).

A core belief among anarcho capitalists is that no human has the right to use aggression over another human. For example, because the government is made up of only other flawed humans like us, it goes against NAP that they can use force against us but we can’t against them. 

  • Our natural human rights are life, liberty and property.

Our life paths are manufactured by “the group.” Liberty is non-existent. Do you own a property? Remember, if you act out against the government, that property you thought was yours will suddenly disappear. Anarcho capitalists value the exact opposite of everything just described. 


We need to practice mental separation from the world around us and realize we have the power to change what we don’t like about ourselves, our society, and our politics. I get it, Trump sucks. What else do you have? I believe it is by design that we repeatedly blame America’s issues on individual politicians. It’s not them at all, it’s the system itself.

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