Big Pharma as a Cultural Paradigm

There’s an unspoken, secret campaign preventing you from reaching your maximum potential in life.

Meet Tom.

Tom sells silver polish. Every afternoon, Tom walks around different neighborhoods and knocks on doors. He explains to folks that nothing will polish their silver better than the product he is selling.

Some people don’t realize that the vinegar in their cupboard polishes silver, so they might buy Tom’s product.

This is an analogy for America’s pharmaceutical industry. Tom represents the pharmaceutical industry and the people Tom calls on are the rest of America.

Tom isn’t going to tell you about the vinegar, and Big Pharma isn’t going to tell you what the problem is with popping pills.

What is a Cultural Paradigm?

A cultural paradigm, like a good marketing campaign, is a belief created by a small group of people who then profit when that belief is accepted to be true. Examples of cultural paradigms and their benefactors:

  • The World is Flat
    • The Catholic Church, despite the evidence, perpetuated this belief to stay in power
  • Slavery is Necessary
    • The slave industry; folks that bought and sold slaves needed people to believe this

Obviously cultural paradigms benefit the perpetuators of the belief, rather than the individual. What happens is the pressure from society (group-think) is more powerful than the individual’s common sense; oftentimes the individual forgets they even have a choice!

Big Pharma as a Cultural Paradigm

Americans spend more than $400 billion a year on pharmaceuticals. The pharmaceutical industry employs hundreds of thousands of people. The healthcare industry, including hospitals and insurance providers, is a $4 trillion industry.

Here are the benefactors of the pharmaceutical industry:

  • The Government: Healthcare spending accounts for 17% of GDP (that translates to lots of tax $$)
  • Politicians: In 2017, Big Pharma lobbyists paid more than $277 million to politicians
  • Doctors: Drugs keep doctors in power (and doctors accept kickbacks)
  • Pharmaceutical Companies: Profit margins are excellent, the industry is valued over a trillion dollars
  • Medical Research: Studies are paid for by Big Pharma
  • Advertising Firms: Pharma companies spend billions each year on sales and marketing

Selling drugs in America is clearly big business.

Do these drugs help the individual on a spiritual, emotional, holistic and evolutionary level?


Many of us know that most of our issues are the result of terrible eating habits, stressful jobs, bad relationships, lack of sleep, poor mental health, not enough exercise, boredom… the list goes on.

A patient goes to see a doctor for an issue and the doctor prescribes a pill. For some, this experience is frustrating because the root cause is never identified. But why would a doctor want to find the root cause? Just like the silver polish salesman, it’s not in his interest to educate you. He wants to keep you as a customer so you keep returning to his office to treat the symptoms.

Cultural Paradigms Screw the Individual

Let’s look at two opposing scenarios:

Case Study #1

Doug, 52, suffers from severe back pain. He goes to a doctor who runs some tests and prescribes pain medication. However, the pain never goes away. Since Doug never alleviates his back pain, he stops playing basketball and gives up on exercise. This results in Doug gaining weight, which unfortunately causes to him having trouble breathing. He returns to the doctor, who runs some tests and prescribes a different pill for sleep apnea. Doug and his wife chalk these issues up to “getting old.”

Case Study #2

Doug, 52, suffers from severe back pain. He goes to a doctor who runs some tests and prescribes pain medication. However, the pain never goes away. Doug takes the matter into his own hands and starts reading about the causes of back pain. He learns about the connection between his mental state and his pain. He realizes that his back pain began when he started his current job, which is very stressful. Doug then realizes he resents his wife for forcing him to take the job. In order to relieve the pain, Doug needs to confront his wife, which he does. They have an uncomfortable couple of months and express emotions that were suppressed for far too long. Doug and his wife make it through this tough period and come out a stronger couple than ever. Doug quits his stressful job and pursues his passion with the support of his wife. Within a year, Doug is completely pain free.

It is a moral issue when we consider the Big Pharma Cultural Paradigm. People across the country are suffering mentally and emotionally and the physical body endures the weight of this pain. When Western doctors are trained to just treat the physical body, it is the individual’s life and well-being that suffers.

Take the Red Pill

As a nation, we swallowed the blue pill and have a shared belief that Western medicine is to be trusted always.

Western doctors go to school for years and years and are experts on medicine, the anatomy of the human body, and various specialties such as the brain, heart, feet or spine. They know how to perform surgery and diagnose patients and the names of all our muscles and connective tissue and bones. Western medicine has cured diseases, discovered vaccines, and brought treatments and health to millions around the globe.


When it comes to non-life-threatening conditions like depression, anxiety, chronic inflammation, skin issues, chronic pain, Western medicine has missed the mark.

The red pill will open your eyes to how our emotions, mental state and diet are causing 90% of our physical body ailments.

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